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Jean Mohr has also published some more books, here is a non exhaustive list:

Ernest Ansermet
Publishing house Kister, 1961, Geneva

J’aime les Marionnettes
Publishing house Rencontre, Lausanne 1962

Serial Atlas des Voyages
Publishing house Rencontre, Lausanne, 1962 to 1968
Yougoslavie: photos Jean Mohr, text Armand Gaspard
Ireland: Photos Jean Mohr Text Pierre de Vos
Finlande: photos Jean Mohr, text André Guex,
Norway: photos Jean Mohr, texte Monique Fougerousse,
Danemark: photos Jean Mohr, text André Kalk,
Sweden: photos Jean Mohr, text Dominik Birmann,
Middle West: Photos Jean Mohr text Alain Bosquet
New York: Photos Jean Mohr Text Frank Jotterand
and others books in the same collection illustrated by Jean Mohr and other photographers as Sicily, Tchécoslovaquie, Moscou etc.

A Fortunate Man
(the story of a rural doctor in England)
Penguin Books, London, 1967. Text John Berger, Photos Jean Mohr
published later in United States, in Japan (1994) and in Germany

Art and Revolution
Photos Jean Mohr, text John Berger
(Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1969, Vintage books U.S.A. 1997)

La Suisse insolite
2 volumes Colour pictures by Jean Mohr, text Louis Gaulis, Publishing house Mondo 1971 Switzerland

The Seventh man
or the migrant workers in Europe
photos Jean Mohr, text John Berger, Penguin books, London, Maspero Publishing house Paris 1976 and published afterwards in Spain and in Germany

Une autre façon de raconter
photos Jean Mohr, texts Jean Mohr and John Berger, Maspero, Paris, 1981,
Eine ander Art zu erzählen
Hanser, Germany
Another way of telling
Granta England; Pantheon, Vintage books (USA.)
Otra manera de contar
Palabras de Arte, Spain

After the last sky - about Palestinian lives
Photos Jean Mohr, text Edward Saïd
(Pantheon books U.S.A.) 1986

Un peu de texte ou pas du tout
('Little or no text')
Photos and texts: Jean Mohr, Journal de Genève, 1988 Geneva

Le grand livre du Salève
Editions Tribune de Genève 1988

Les métiers de la rue
Photos Jean Mohr, text Jil Silberstein, éditions Favre, Suisse 1990

Encyclopedia of Geneva
11 volumes (1982-1996) with Jean Mohr pictures

Armin Jordan, Portrait d’un Chef
Photos Jean Mohr, Text Jean-Jacques Roth, Zoé Publishing house, Geneva 1997

Re-naissance, villa Edelstein
Photos Jean Mohr, introduction Marie Gaulis, Goerg Publishing house Geneva 1998

At the Edge of the world
Text and Photos Jean Mohr with an introduction by John Berger (A sketch for a portrait) Reaktion books Publishing house, London (1999)

Derrière le miroir
(Behind the mirror) Photos Jean Mohr, texts Bernard Crettaz, Jean-Philippe Rapp, John and Katia Berger. Editions Slatkine Genève (2000)

Jean Mohr, A photographer’s journey
CD-Rom with texts, interview and more than 1200 color and black and white pictures

Au Bout du Monde
éditions Demoures, Lausanne, textes et photos Jean Mohr
(Introduction by John Berger) november 2001

Side by Side or Face to Face
Publisher Labor and Fidès Geneva introduction Jean-François Berger and Bertrand Tappolet

Manifeste pour une paix juste et durable au Moyen-Orient
Publisher Labor et Fidès

"Un métier idéal"
Publication of a french translation of the book "A fortunate man" after 43 years. Photos Jean Mohr and text John Berger under the title "Un métier idéal" at the publishing house l'Olivier in Paris.

In preparation:
a book on portraits with texts and pictures by Jean Mohr
looking for a publisher (orignal texts in french)
introduction by Carole Naggar